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Client Testimonials

  • MarylinLorraine did a beautiful job refinishing my cedar chest! It was a vintage piece from the late 1930’s and had some significant wear. Now it is again restored to its former beauty with the natural grain highlighted and the finish absolutely amazing. I wanted a darker stain than the original colour and Lorraine made some great suggestions for exactly what I was looking for. I am so pleased with result!

  • Jonathan:    Great job restoring my 40 year old snooker table rails after they had been in storage and were well worn down in many places. The passion in the work clearly shows, and the service was great, reasonably priced and highly recommended!!

  • Vern:    We had Lorraine refinish an old ice box that has been in our family for three generations, and stored in a barn for the past sixty years. We are so grateful for the incredible job she did. I would highly recommend Lorraine for any refinishing job. Thank-you so much.

  • Tatiana:   My coffee table was in desperate need of repair having been damaged (chewed) by my then puppy dog . I had some reservations and didn't really know what to expect but when I saw the results I was blown away . Lorraine did a fantastic job and I'm beyond trilled with her work and talent . Highly recommending her to anyone !!!

  • Amanda:    Had Lorraine refinish my kitchen table top. The coating on the top of the table was coming off in a sticky mess and there were scratches and general damage due to heat and moisture. I asked if she would restore it to existing stain as I was not redoing the chairs or pedestal that go with the table so needed it to match. I was not sure how it would come out but when I saw it, I was so thrilled. The table top looks better than it did when we purchased it about 25 years ago. The finish is gorgeous and smooth and I absolutely love it. Lorraine obviously takes pride in the work she does. Hoping to have Lorraine do more restoration for me in the future. Highly recommend her work.

  • Kim:   Lorraine is an absolute treat to work with. She gave new life to an older bedroom set and not so old (but well worn) kitchen set. She is attentive, quick to respond to questions and very helpful with suggestions.

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