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Recycle, Re-use, Restore!


Vintage/Antique furniture offers so much more than your typical big box store. The benefits are numerous and everyone who owns or appreciates old furniture knows this. Here is a list of common reasons to consider buying vintage/antique

  • Quality/craftsmanship. You know the saying "they just don't make 'em like they used to?" Well that is certainly true when it comes to furniture. How long does modern furniture last? 3 years? 5 years? 10 if you're lucky? Consider the cost of new furniture vs its longevity. Should such an investment be made only to have to replace it a few years down the line? Up until the mid-late 20th century, we didn't live in such a disposable society. Generations before us invested in what were often one-time purchases of big ticket items with the expectation of durability. Wood furniture especially was built with quality hardwoods, by skilled craftsmen. If it lasted a hundred years, it will last one hundred more.  These days new furniture costs the same if not more than old, with no guarantee of its quality or materials used. 

  • You're helping the environment! Again touching on quality and longevity. If you're replacing furniture after a few short years, it's mostly because it's broken. You can't resell it, you can't repair it, so where does it wind up? In the landfill. By investing in a quality antique, you're reusing, recycling and reducing waste. 

  • It's beautiful! There's something about the character and beauty of an old piece. Often it's rare, unique or one of a kind. Plus furniture back in the day not only had to look nice, it served a purpose. So not only can you answer your esthetic needs, you fill a need for storage or workspace. A must have in small spaces or open concept spaces where you don't want clutter. 

  • It's so much fun to collect and find! Antique and vintage furniture has character. It has patina, it has scars, it has a story to tell. From being an heirloom which once belonged to a cherished relative, to a road side find, or found tucked away in an attic, old furniture sparks the imagination of the piece's history. Wood furniture somehow seems to retain the energy of its previous owners and its journey throughout its lifetime. It becomes a centrepiece to the home, a conversation starter or simply something that sparks joy every time you look at it. You can't buy that at a big box store.  

This Art Deco cabinet I picked up in Clifford, Ontario in a dusty little salvage shop sure
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